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  • How can Managed Services benefit me?
    • Predictable monthly costs
    • Increased performance and less downtime achived by proactively monitoring/maintaining technology
    • Increased employee productivity realized by a healthy IT environment

  • How does Managed Services benefit Hookset?
    • You may be thinking this is an odd question to address. Hookset believes in trusting relationships with all its clients, so we thought you should know. Predictable Revenue: Just as managed services provide clients predictable monthly costs, it also provides Hookset predictable revenue. However, profitability is determined by how well we do our job, just as it should be.

  • How are Managed Services delivered?
    • In layman's terms, we place a small piece of software on your network that reports information back to our server. Our server analyzes that information and alerts designated people if anything falls outside of a defined set of rules.

  • Does Hookset not provide Break/Fix services?
    • As with most small IT services provided, Hookset still does a lot of Break/Fix work and it is still a good place to start a relationship. Looking into the future, our opinion is that Managed Services will be the primary method of technology service. Currently, the cost of delivering Managed Services and Break/Fix services are roughly the same. We believe the overall cost of delivering Managed Servies has potential to go down in coming years. While the cost of delivering Break/Fix services will remain the same or increase. As the industry changes, Hookset must change with it to provide the level of service our customers deserve at an affordable price.