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Managed Services

Most SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) and Small/Medium Businesses have considered outsourcing their technology needs at some point.  NOW may be the best time ever to revisit the idea.  The IT services industry is undergoing a transformation that is advantageous to businesses like yours. Historically, IT services companies offered their services on a break/fix basis.  Something breaks, you call, and they come fix it.  In this scenario, though I hope your IT service provider doesn’t actually crack a smile at your misfortune, your IT service provider needs you to have situations where their services are necessary.  In short, the break/fix model does not align you and your service provider with a common goal for your technology.

The Solution

Enter Managed Services.  According to Wikipedia: “A managed services provider (MSP), is typically an information technology (IT) services provider, who manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to their clients either proactively or as they (not the client) determine that the services are needed.”  The key part of the preceding definition is “assumes responsibility”.  Your monthly price for Managed Services is fixed.  Whether 2 hours or 20 hours in a month is spent managing your technology, your price doesn’t change.  This results in a 180 degree change in the previous motivation under the break/fix model.  Service provider and customer are now aligned with a common goal.  The service provider now profits most when you are most happy with your technology. Managed Services has been around for years, primarily in very large corporate environments.  In recent years, the previously cost-prohibitive technology necessary to bring managed services to Small/Medium businesses (and even residential customers) has become affordable.

You want a stable, secure, hassle-free, optimized, (enter any other adjective you like) technology solution?  Please feel free to Contact Us for a customized quote. 

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